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2020 Creative Design Trends

Here are some of our favorite design trends going into the new year.

Waste is a Design Flaw

This year try to curb your use of plastic and try out brands like Blueland that offer dissolvable tablets that produce cleaning supplies housed in reusable acrylic bottles. 


Terracotta + Sand

Color trends are what set the tone for any design project. Earth-inspired hues aren’t going anywhere in 2020. Together, they have a grounding and calming effect, which is ideal for a business that offers beauty and grooming services but can be used across all industries. 


Hold the Liquor

According to Nielsen, Two-thirds of millennials say they're trying to drink less alcohol, with the top reason being overall health and wellness. Check out New York's Getaway bar for tasty mocktails that won't leave you hungover the next day.

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