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Photography is inspirational. Each image tells a story and captures a mood seen only through a photographer’s lens. Photographers also need inspiration. One of the best ways to do so is to browse the internet for resources that not only get your creative juices flowing but also help you to further develop your skills. Don’t know where to start? I have curated a list of five websites that will certainly leave you energized and motivated. 

1. PetaPixel

PetaPixel is a comprehensive photography blog and is a must-read for professionals and amateurs alike. You can keep up with the latest industry news, read reviews on the most up to date technology and tools, and learn from a multitude of tutorials on photography techniques. PetaPixel also shares inspiring captures from photographers around the world. They surely accomplish their goal to “inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related”. 

2. 1x

1x is a website that features a curated photo gallery. A group of established photographers review and approve users’ work. Less than 3% of submitted photos get accepted so you can imagine the quality of the work displayed on this site. One of the best things about 1x is that it gives photographers something for which to aim. It forces you to push yourself to produce high-quality images for display in their gallery. What can be more inspiring than that?

3. 500px

500px is a photo-sharing platform that allows you to discover trending photography. This site is an amazing way to become part of a like-minded community. Photographers from around the world can upload their images and receive reviews and critiques from their more experienced peers. This pushes you to improve the quality of your work. If you’re intrigued with a particular style or genre of photography, 500px has a “Groups” option where you follow topics and trends and stay connected with others who share your interest. The site also contains a curated gallery of photos selected by 500px’s editors that will leave any photographer inspired. 

4. Colossal

Colossal is a platform that celebrates art and visual expression and serves as “an online gallery of visually spectacular artwork while seeking to educate and inform rather than criticize or interpret”. Their work covers both established and emerging photographers as they aim “make art accessible to everyone”. Colossal’s positive, impactful, and diverse content is extremely inspirational for photographers who are interested in innovation, environmentalism, humor, and spectacle. It is a space where you, as a photographer, can hone your talent while being inspired about the possibility of a greater society. 

5. Behance

Behance is a social media platform owned by Adobe where you can showcase your work and find hand-picked inspiration based on your interests. This creative community possesses some of the best photography online. You can like and follow everything from portrait photography and landscapes to retouching techniques and photojournalism. The inspiration is endless as some of the most talented creatives share their work on Behance. 

I hope you take the time to explore these sources of photography inspiration. These websites can certainly make a difference when you need a boost of creativity or if you just need to appreciate the work of your peers as motivation to drive you forward in your photography career. 

Do you have another website to add to the list? Feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to discover more inspirational resources for photographers. 


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