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Creative Freelancers wanted for beverage brand campaign


Social Club Seltzer is searching for freelancers to help create an eye-catching, breakthrough and impactful brand campaign, comprised of everything from stills and visuals to merchandise.

Who Are They?

Social Club Seltzer is the top-shelf hard seltzer for those who are always celebrating the hustle. They exist to give those who stay on their grind a sophisticated, refreshing drink to raise up to all of their wins. From classic cocktail-inspired flavors to our premium look and feel, everything they do is top-shelf.

Who Are They looking for?

You’re a Creative. Musician. Designer. Filmmaker. Whatever it is, you own it. You’ve got the vision it takes to collaborate on a multi-faceted brand campaign and the know-how to bring it to life.

Here are the deliverables:

  • Social content (e.g. beautiful imagery, GIFs, short videos (:06-:15), animated content, lifestyle imagery)

  • Video (product education and brand identity building)

  • Songs (for video, radio ads, etc.)

  • Clothing and accessories (sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, bags, men’s accessories, home accessories)

  • Street activations

  • Illustration series

  • Big ideas in regards to stunts and activations

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