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Resources for the BLM movement

Here are ways to support those doing the work as they call for action and change.

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Urge your local officials to Defund the NYPD and REDISTRIBUTE those funds into Black Communities.

Use this automated email to send to all

51 NY council members

Call your NY legislators to demand the passing of the #SaferNYact, #Repeal50A, and improve police accountability & transparency in New York.

Click here for directions on what to say to your local officials


Let's raise awareness AND money

because both matter.

Now more than ever organizations dedicated to doing the work need our financial support. There are many people who have been unlawfully arrested and struggling to pay bail. They can use your help.

CLICK HERE for a list of organizations and bail funds to donate to.

Sign Petitions

We understand that donating and protesting aren't for everyone however, signing petitions are the easiest way for your voice to still be heard.

There are several causes that need to be highlighted. Click here to find a master list of petitions to sign that calls for action and change.

Every name matters, let your voice be heard.

Image by @Steve__e


A peaceful protest can turn violent QUICK due to police aggression.

Here are some protesting tips:

I. Don't take your face mask off.

We are still in a pandemic and it prevents you from being identified.

II. Police DO NOT have the right to confiscate your phone without a search warrant.

III. Wear goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from tear gas.

IV. Not everyone is there to support BLM so stay alert.

V. Under section 1983 of the federal law, you can sue for civil rights violations if an officer violated your civil rights.


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