The Best Places to Work for FREE in Nyc

We understand New York City can be expensive, so here are some cool, inspiring places that you can work at for free.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Nestled in Brooklyn Bridge Park, 1 Hotel boasts a gorgeous lobby and cafe for remote workers and hotel guests. Visitors have the option of kicking back on plush couches or kicking it into high gear on a hightop. If you get hungry, you can grab a snack at the cafe, get a full meal at the hotel’s restaurant, or take a short walk to Timeout Marketplace.


Public Hotel

Known for its lavish rooftop and breathtaking views of the city, PUBLIC Hotel also has one of the best workspaces in the Lower East Side. The hotel’s first floor has a modern and elegant work area equipped with a cafe and restaurant. The real gem, though, is the lounge with the comfy cream couch and huge windows on the second floor. Whatever you’re working on, you tackle it with comfort here.


Arlo Nomad

Arlo Nomad doesn't get the same hype as its Soho location, but trust us; its workspaces are more lavish. The hotel has two defined lounges/work areas with a bar in the middle of both rooms. The main work area is outfitted with two large tables to work from and elegant couches and seating where guests can host small meetings. If you're looking for somewhere chic and modern to work from, this is the place.  

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