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Why you should join the Lunchclub

The FREE AI super-connector that makes introductions for one on one video meetings

with people of similar interests.


I’ve had three video calls on Lunchclub so far, and I’ve enjoyed all of them. My last video call was with Jason, a co-founder of an agency that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. He was inspired to start the agency while he was a personal trainer at Equinox. His initial goal was to rank high in Google searches when potential customers searched for NYC personal trainers. After accomplishing his personal goal, he decided he could be successful at increasing search traffic for businesses by improving their SEO. He now has a flourishing agency.

Prior to my video call with Jason, I had a great conversation with Donatella, an entrepreneur that just moved back to Italy after living in New York for 10 years. She's using her time during quarantine to develop a podcast about personal stories of transit. As someone that feels out of place in her own country, she's very interested in exploring other people's ideas of home.

Setting up your profile and getting started on Lunchclub is easy and intuitive. After filling out your basic information and writing a summary about yourself, you can select multiple interests that range from video games to diversity and inclusion. Using these selections, as well as public and private information about the users, Lunchclub uses a machine-learning algorithm to curate potential connections.

After you're all set up all you have to do is select at least two times you're available for a video call. The algorithm will go to work from there and you can enjoy networking from the comfort of your home. I’m looking forward to being inspired and learning from more stories like Jason's and Donatella's, and I think users will see as much value in Lunchclub as I do.

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